Retinal Laser Treatment

Retinal Laser Treatment

Retinal laser treatment (argon laser) is performed to treat retinal conditions such as retinal tears, retinal holes, retinal detachments and diabetic eye disease.

Retinal tears and retinal holes are treated with an argon laser procedure that places tiny laser ‘’spots’’ to surround the retinal tear ,which helps to create a seal around the torn retina and prevent retinal detachment from occurring. During retinal detachment surgery, argon laser is also used to create a laser seal around retinal tears and holes.

Diabetic macular oedema results in swelling at the macular (central retina at the back of the eye) and can be treated with intravitreal injections and/ or Argon laser treatment. Argon laser treatment is aimed at reducing the risk of vision loss in diabetic patients with macular oedema. Laser treatment (in conjunction with intravitreal injections) can also be performed for patients with macular oedema from retinal vein occlusions.

With proliferative diabetic retinopathy (severe bleeding at the back of the eye as a result of advanced diabetes) Argon laser can be used to treat diabetic retina and shrink leaky blood vessels. Without treatment leaky blood vessels can bleed inside the eye and reduce vision significantly. Argon laser treatment is important in reducing the risk of vision loss in diabetic retinopathy.

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Retinal Laser Treatment available at Westside Eye Clinic

Westside Eye Clinic is a specialist Ophthalmology practice located in Jamboree Heights near the Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre, in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane.

Dr Joseph Park is a Specialist Ophthalmologist (an Eye Doctor) who trained in Brisbane and undertook further studies at Moorfields Eye Hospital and Western Eye Hospital in London, United Kingdom.

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