Laser Treatment

Preventative Laser Eye Treatments

Preventative laser treatment (YAG peripheral iridotomy laser) is usually performed as a preventative procedure in patients with shallow fluid filled space at the front of the eye resulting in narrow angles. YAG Laser peripheral iridotomy treatment ‘drills’ a tiny hole in the peripheral coloured part of the eye called the iris. This allows the eye fluid to circulate freely around the front of the eye without becoming trapped. Without YAG laser peripheral iridotomy treatment the trapped fluid inside the front of the eye can result in rapid rise in eye pressure. This can result in significant eye pain and almost always require emergency treatment. YAG laser peripheral iridotomy is a preventative procedure that is effective in preventing sudden rise in eye pressure.  Dr Park will instil couple of local anaesthetic drops into your eye to numb the eye. He will then place a special contact lens on the eye and will use a special laser to perform the procedure. The YAG laser peripheral iridotomy will take few minutes to perform.

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More About Westside Eye Clinic

Westside Eye Clinic is a specialist Ophthalmology practice located in Jamboree Heights near the Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre, in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane.

Dr Joseph Park is a Specialist Ophthalmologist (an Eye Doctor) who trained in Brisbane and undertook further studies at Moorfields Eye Hospital and Western Eye Hospital in London, United Kingdom.

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